About Karunadham

Aashram is a devotional place where a person of all cast and creed is served for his need, In past 40 years aashram family provides services like education, wellness, helping hands of their sorrows and helps them to make happy in any condition. Moto of Karunadham is to serve society at its best we always say “Kripakasmarankaro, prem me aastharakho” welcome in our small world ,lets come together and serve our society .

Gurudev always say,”Hum jab bhagwan se dayaaurchhamamangtehain to vehamaredwaradusron par kigayidayaaurchhamaka 1000 gunahamevapiskartehain”. Karuna Dham Ashram is constantly taking care of the poorer and the needy in many ways

  1. Our homeopathy dispensary serves around 80000+ people every year

2. Providing free education to 450+ children who belong to slums and are willing to study in its 15 education centers from past 10 years.

3. Karunadham Ashram is constantly extending his helping hand to the poorer and the needy.

  1. Free food center our “annachetra” where we provide food to the families living in extreme poverty from past 5 years.

5. We are doing regular medical camping in the rural areas, the ashram also provides its free ambulance service (Gati) to the needy. Ashram also provides hearse (Mukti-shavvahan) if needed.

  1. BhagvadGeeta describes how lord Krishna cared for the cows and calves every morning by taking them to graze on the Govardhan Hill. We cares for this holy creature, provides food, shelter and medication to 50 holy creatures

Our mission is to serve socially disadvantaged individuals and helpless families. So, let’s join hands, hearts and voices to serve mankind.

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What We Do?

We are serving Society by Study Centers for needy Students,Medical Camps,Cow Shelters,Annachetra , Ambulance service, Technical education.

Who we are?

We are a spiritual cum humanity serving group with different leafs like Shakti Vahini, Anand Vahini(Special Group of Women for their service) ,we are here for society from past 40 years by helping them in all forms where they need us.

Our Mission

To create a world of peace and love with all defined things, serve society for their betterment, make every children of society a good human being with education and self-dependencies.

Come Meet GuruDev's Up Close

Param Pujya Bade Guru Dev Balgovind Shandilya ji Maharaj

Pithadishwar Gurudev Shri Sudesh Shandilya Ji Maharaj

Ordinary human beings continuously get distracted from the acute and complex worldly circumstances of our materialistic society and gradually begin to move towards accumulating mental worries, pain and anxiety. Though this is a very common happening, but its evil
consequences negatively impact our family, society and the coming future generations which we can see all around us.

In this terrible confusion and uncertainty we only remember God as HE alone is the truth because only he can take us out of these problems and negative karmas. But to come out of the negative impact of the evils around us, we need a mentor (guide) to lead us to the right path, who can protect us, solve our problems and can develop a feeling of love for God Almighty in our minds.

Keeping these pure and rightful objectives in mind, most respectful Shri BalGovindShandilyaji Maharaj established MaaAadi Shakti Peet in Bhopal and as a result a well-known Ashram like Karunadham was built whose Peetadhishwar is his youngest son Shri Sudesh ShandilyaMaharaj.

BadeGurujee was a married saint and was born in a Brahman family at Nagpur in 16.12.1926. From his early childhood he was totally engrossed in spiritualism. Even when India was under British rule, he was totally devoted to MaaBhagvatiJagadjannaniJagdamba and performed very tough penances.

His simplicity, innocence and magnetic personality attracted followers and bound his devotees to bow in front of him. BadeGurujee healed thousands of people suffering from chronic illnesses, incurable diseases, and dire problems and he worked tirelessly towards helping mankind.

He was a great supporter and propagator of spiritualism, social consciousness, and social upliftment. He gave up his mortal body and departed to heaven on 18.08.1985.

Considering his ardent desire to spread spiritualism and help mankind, his youngest son Shri Sudesh ShandilyaMaharajJee established Karunadham Ashram. Shri Sudesh Jee is a replica of
his father.

Bade Gurujis preaching knowledgeable thoughts and blessings ,under the blessing hands and guidance of Gurudev Shri Sudesh Shandilyaji we are now able to serve society at every aspect for their betterment for their wellness ,for humanity and in all possible manners we are trying to do it .